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Why India Must be on Your Volunteering Itinerary


As a land of great contrasts and contradictions, India will surely stimulate all your five senses. You haven’t really volunteered if you haven’t been to India. All major world religions are represented in this country and four of the major world religions originated from India. India also has numerous cultural feasts, all of which are organised in great detail and with lots of pomp and pageantry that is characteristic of India. Of course, there is always the ubiquitous and entrancing sound of the sitar and Indian flutes. It is a colorful country and any volunteer India has today could look forward to an experience that is bound to be exhilarating and overwhelming. Additionally, a skilled volunteer India has today can experience massive mobilisation. Generally, padayatras, organisation work, and cultural programs require volunteers. Without a doubt, a volunteer India prefers today will have access to different opportunities to make a remarkable effect on the lives of the underprivileged people.

volunteer India

Advantages of volunteering abroad

Volunteering abroad offers an opportunity to work and live in an immensely complex and culturally-rich nation. First, India is an ancient civilisation and it has seen the rise and fall of various empires. Secondly, this is a country of the Rajputs, maharajas and the Great Moghuls. All India’s past rulers and emperors have left a rich legacy and splendor that you can still experience to date. Taj Mahal is probably the most popular of the Indian attractions, but there are many more including the Maharaja palaces in Rajasthan, Varanasi, Colonial legacy and heritage in Calcutta and many more. All of the past empires that have ruled, plundered and shaped this country have left behind a rich tapestry. They form part of the intrigue of India. From this perspective,volunteering abroad is an encounter that is life-changing.

India as a place to volunteer abroad

India has a population of one billion people where significant sections of the population are still awfully poor. As a result, India faces lots of social challenges. Its challenges are as diverse as the country itself and if you are someone who wants to make a little difference to the fabric of India, there is never a shortage of opportunities where you can immerse yourself. Volunteers in India can choose from a myriad of issues in which they can take part of in helping. These include the teaching, healthcare challenges, gender issues, community development, orphanages, and much more. No doubt some of the volunteering abroad programs in India are more challenging than others. You can get a good measure by signing up with the volunteer abroad programs that offer you suitable challenges along with the right level of support for the duration of the program.


When it comes to the accommodation in India, you have to be a little bit flexible. For example, you cannot expect a five-star accommodation in the remote areas of India which have so much poverty and lack amenities and resources. India meanwhile has incredible tourist-oriented infrastructures that you can try if you are visiting as a tourist. These might not necessarily be available in the places in which you plan to volunteer. In most cases,volunteering abroad programs provide accommodation that is organised in advance and you can settle in quickly and begin your volunteering stint in the country. For more details visit Involvement Volunteers International

Three Reasons to Embark on a Sightseeing Tour in Adelaide


When traveling to Australia, you probably think of checking out Sydney and its famous harbour, or the Gold Coast to unwind and relax while still being within close proximity to the city. Sure, these locations have plenty to offer but they are not the only ones worth checking out Down Under. Adelaide is dubbed as the ‘City of Churches’ that has always lived in the shadows of Australia’s most famous cities, mostly the eastern-seaboard ones. But Adelaide is slowly emerging on top, showcasing the beauty that is waiting to be discovered when you embark on sightseeing Adelaide tours.

Sightseeing Adelaide Tours
Sightseeing Adelaide Tours

If you are ready to embark on your trip to Adelaide, you can do so conveniently because there are several day or night tours Adelaide companies can offer. But what exactly is there to see in this quiet, seemingly undiscovered gem of a city?

1.    The new year brings major urban makeover to the city of Adelaide. That means that this will provide more opportunities for those who want to have sightseeing Adelaide tours as well as other related activities. First on the list is the prospected completion of the Adelaide Oval’s refurbishment. This project is believed to be worth multi-million dollars and will serve as the central location for the parklands in the city, which consequently provides an urban jungle feel to it as well. The surrounding scenes at the Oval include a vibrant food scene (that is somewhat Asian inspired), part bench seating (for those looking for to relax in the middle of the day), and a lush garden.

2.    Adelaide is also dubbed as the wine country of Australia, which means traveling here should include a date at the wine tours Adelaide Hills may offer. Getting to Adelaide Hills from the heart of the city only takes about 20 minutes, so it is very convenient. But it is well worth every minute of the drive because the Hills are made up of dairy farms, market gardens, orchards, and of course, vineyards. There are tasting rooms available for tourists to sample the delicious wines on-site.

3.    The breathtaking beaches are probably the best kept secret of Adelaide. Most visitors, foreign or local, tend to flock to the Gold Coast. But the Grange and Henley beaches in Adelaide are just as exquisite and more family-friendly, too. A minibus hire Adelaide has available can take you to these stunning locations where you can play around in the sand, take a swim, or simply spend idle time on the beach with a picnic lunch. But for the most breathtaking view, be sure to stay until sunset and watch it from the shore. It is the best way to cap off a day of touring this magnificent city!

Still searching for a sightseeing Adelaide tours company? Come Cruise’n is your trusted partner for all of your touring needs while in Adelaide. The company has been around for 40 years and offers a wide range of tour types depending on the size of your group and what you want to see during the tour. They take pride in their well-maintained vehicles and commitment to providing quality tours all the time. For more info, be sure to check out their website at http://www.comecruisen.com.au/.

Why You Need to Take Chartered Flight to Horizontal Falls


The Kimberly region is teeming with unique attractions including the famous Horizontal Falls. The best way to view the natural phenomenon of Horizontal Falls is while you are on a chartered Horizontal Falls flight.

Horizontal Falls Flight
Horizontal Falls Flight

Several advantages exist why you should use a chartered flight to Kimberly region. More than a first-class flight, here are the benefits of taking a chartered Horizontal Falls flight when you plan to plan to visit the region:

Convenience: public flights have their conditions that passengers have to follow. Long queues in booking offices, canceled flights, and inappropriate schedules are some of the conditions that you have to go through when you choose a public flight. However, with a chartered Horizontal Falls Flight, you can have the airline work around your schedule instead of you work around theirs.

Privacy: public planes can carry up to more than two hundred passengers. In such situations, many passengers find it difficult to protect their privacy. For example, you may not be able to sleep comfortably in public. However, with chartered a flight Horizontal Falls offered by a recognized airline, you could maintain your privacy while enjoying your flight to the full.

For example, you can sleep comfortably during flight and view the scenic beauty through the window without distraction from the rest of the passengers. Depending on the size of the chartered plane, there can be as few as three passengers or as many as fifty passengers. Besides, most of the passengers have a common interest, which minimizes suspicion among passengers.

Luxury: the luxury delivered by a chartered flight in Horizontal Falls is beyond what you can experience in a public flight. For instance, in a public flight you have to eat the food you are served in the plane, even if you do not like it. In a private flight, you can customize your meals and have a special request for a video projector or other amenities.

How to choose a chartered scenic flight

Once you are ready to visit Horizontal Falls and other scenic beauty spots in the Kimberly region, it is time to look for a reliable airline to book a chartered flight. However, not all airlines can give you a dependable chartered flight that meets your needs.

Therefore, before you select the first airline you come across, it is advisable to get adequate information about various companies in your area. Utilize online resources about airlines that operate in the destination you wish to visit. For example, in Horizontal Falls flight you can choose to book Kimberly aviation, which has two options in chartered flight or air safari.

In addition, look for a company with well-maintained aircraft. Scenic flights require aircraft that are designed for that purpose, where passengers can have opportunity to view the surrounding while they remain safe at the same time.

Finally, consider what your preferred airline charges for their services. After all, it determines whether you can afford the flight or not. Always work with an airline that offers the best services at affordable prices.

If you want a reliable chartered flight to Horizontal Falls, please visithttp://kimberleyaviation.com.au/air-safari/irresistible-islands/