Tuesday, July 7

Do’s and Don’ts When Planning a Marquee Wedding

A lot of modern couples opt for a wedding marquee due to the flexibility it offers in choosing a video and theme. Indeed, it provides you the opportunity to step out of the traditional wedding choices as far as theme and venue are concerned. However, choosing a high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth, as well as planning this type of wedding is no joke. Make sure you get it right by running down this list of do’s and don’ts.

high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth
high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth


•    Always check for insurance. Most companies offering services for planning a vintage style wedding marquee and party hire Perth have adequate insurance. However, it is your responsibility to check and validate if they do. Getting an insurance will ensure that you and your guests are protected with a public liability insurance.

•    Check the equipment you need and how you can get a power source. A good sound system, lighting, and other equipment are vital for ensuring that you have the perfect venue for your Perth vintage style wedding marquee and party hire. You need to coordinate with your wedding supplier if they will take care of the power source or if that can be provided at the venue.

•    Consider the type of marquee you would like to hire for your wedding. If you want a high tea style wedding marquee and party hire Perth, make sure you search for and compare your options based on what you are looking for. Browse through the portfolio of wedding suppliers so you can compare if their services fit your needs or ideas.


•    Do not wait until the last minute to begin setting up your wedding marquee. Factor in the amount of work and decoration involved. If possible, coordinate with your high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth a few days before the actual wedding. This is no time for last-minute panic!

•    Do not constrict your budget. It is not uncommon that you will be in need of additional supplies than you initially projected. Hence, be prepared to spend more than your planner had estimated.

•    Do not forget about the flooring. Make sure that it is safe and comfortable for your wedding guests. It is also a practical consideration because you want to make sure the tables and chairs are stable.

•    Do not limit yourself to a standard white marquee – there are more options than you think! In fact, you can go for a light-up tent setting or something more whimsical. It is fun to explore with different creative approaches based on your idea. It’s your wedding, so you can make it as memorable as you would like it to be!

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