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Engage professionals to handle spill kits and spills

You will usually find every workplace having certain basic things such as fire extinguishers at important places, safety showers, water sprinklers, and eye wash stations. Another must have item that every workplace needs is a spill kit that is required to clean up biohazardous spills that can happen anytime in a workplace and could be a potential threat to the safety of the place and the people. However, as managing spill control is a tedious and dirty work, you may want to hire professionals who provide spill kit service in your area so that you are relieved from the responsibility of controlling and cleaning a spill that could happen due to leakage or other reasons.

spill kit service

Components of a spill kit

Depending on the type of the material that has caused the spill, there are many types of spill kits such as the chemical spill kit or the hazchem spill kit that is available for use. Every different type of spill kit has some unique items for cleaning up the specific type of spill. However, there are some components, which are found in any type. The first item that you would find inside any spill kit would be a set of personal protective equipment or PPE, which is to be worn by the person who would be cleaning up the spill. This is an important component as without using protective clothing, serious hazards may happen while dealing with biohazardous or other types of spills.

The most important item that you would find with a spill kit is the sorbent that is used to gather the material which has spilt on the grounds of the workplace. Depending on the type of the material, the sorbent would also vary. The sorbent that would be used for an oil spill would certainly not find any use while cleaning a chemical spill. This sorbent has to be restocked after one use, and that is a part of the spill kit service that is offered by professional service men.

The third thing that would find its place in a spill kit is a bucket or container that is to be used to collect and store the clean-up material. Without this container, the cleaning activity would never be complete. Some other things that may or may not be a part of the spill kits are dust pan, whisk broom, goggles, safety glasses, boot covers and other things.

Role of the spill kit service providers

 As a part of the spill kit service, the service providers not only clean up spills, but they also ensure whether the spill kits that are placed in various strategic locations of the workplace are equipped with the required components or not. Frequent inspection of the spill kits is something that they will do as a part or their duty. In case a particular spill kit is used to clean up a spill, these professionals will not only report that to the clients, but would also restock the sorbent.

They also provide valuable information and tips to avoid a situation of a spill in the workplace as spills are at times a huge threat to environmental protection and should be avoided in the first place by all means. For  more details, just visit http://www.absorbenviro.com.au/spillkitserviceprogram