Tuesday, July 7

Exploring Sydney’s Best Kept Secret: World-Class Vineyards

Sydney is one of the most popular cities in the world, not just in Australia. It is part of the New South Wales region in Australia and boasts of many things including the famous attraction the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. But there is a hidden secret that Sydney has kept for so long and something that cultured travelers like to explore. The wine region in Sydney is one reason why a lot of tourists like to travel to the city. There are Sydney group wine tours available for you to partake in to get the most of the experience and sample world-class wines.

If you want to join group wine tours in Sydney, you need to know the best of the wineries that the region has to offer.  To be specific, New South Wales’ Hunter Valley region has one of the best concentration of vineyards and wineries that Sydney has to offer. It is also Australia’s oldest wine growing region.

If you decide to visit Hunter Valley for Sydney group wine tours, you should choose the following wineries and vineyards:

Margan Hunter Valley Wines

The Australian Tourism Awards had named Margan as the best restaurant and best tourism winery in the region in 2015. Hence, that holds the expectations high for anyone who decides to visit this winery in Sydney.  Aside from an impressive selection of wines, Margan Hunter Valley Wines is also lauded for its sustainable tourism. The restaurant features a one-acre kitchen garden on-site ensuring the freshness of the ingredients used in the restaurant. Plan your visit in June in coordination with the Margan’s winery annual festival to sample great food and wine. Read more on Shire Shuttle Bus

Audrey Wilkinson

If you are looking to find group wine tours in Sydney, check out ones that include Audrey Wilkinson in the itinerary. This is one of the oldest vineyards in this part of New South Wales. The vineyard is also quite widespread at 109 hectares in size. It is one of the early pioneers in Sydney’s wine industry. It is also rated five stars among the wine industry in Australia and overseas. As a bonus? You get to enjoy the scenic view of the Brokenback ranges to serve as the backdrop for your tour to this vineyard.

Scarborough Wine Co

For those who are traveling with kids, make sure to add this winery tour to your itinerary. The vineyard features a 10-hectare vineyard that was established in 1978. As you explore cellar doors of wines, you can leave the kids to enjoy at the giant checkers out in the field. While the kids are having a good time playing outdoors, you can explore various wines available at the winery alongside some of the best local cheeses in New South Wales. Don’t forget to leave with a bottle of their most famous wine produce – the 2014 “The Obsessive” chardonnay.

The best way to experience the rich wine culture in the region is to join Sydney group wine tours. Make the most of the experience and even bring home some of the premium quality wines from the region. For more details visit http://shireshuttlebus.com.au/sydney-group-wine-tours/