Tuesday, July 7

How to Buy a Wooden Watch

The advent of the wooden watch in the market over the past year or so has started a new trend. Indeed, everyone was clamoring about the idea of using wood for watches and it incited a lot of curiosity. Today, there are several companies offering wood watches for women and men. It is a great combination of trendy look and a timeless appeal. This is one of the main reasons why consumers were drawn to this type of watch when it was launched in the market.
To make your investment worthwhile and to ensure you only get high quality wooden watches that are worth your money, here are some tips to note when buying online:
• Check the type of wood used for making the wooden watch. It has to be made from solid and sustainable wood such as mahogany, rosewood, sandalwood or koa. These are the best types of woods available for making watches that look good and of good quality too. There are several sellers that make steel watches covered with wood on top – they are of inferior quality as compared to a wood watch!
• Look beyond the aesthetic and construction of the wood watch, check the watch movement too. If you want to get premium quality of the watch movement, ask the manufacturer about which company the watch movement is from. A watch is essentially designed to keep time so this function should be performed in the highest level possible.
• It should have a clear warranty. If there is no warranty tagged on your wood watch when you buy them, don’t proceed with the purchase. A warranty is essential to ensure that the manufacturer will offer free servicing if the watch needs repair.
• The best luxury wood watches for women and men should be adjustable. The best companies have their customer’s welfare in mind so they offer you the ability to adjust the fit based on your wrist size. If a company you are dealing with does not offer this option, think twice. If the manufacturer is afraid to re-size the watch, it could be because the watch is cheaply made and they are afraid to make adjustments that could damage the watch.
• Comfort is key. In relation to the above point, a wood watch is primarily designed for comfort. You should look for a watch that is not only stylish but is also comfortable to wear. The links should be made of lightweight and solid wooden materials to ensure optimum comfort. The links should be carved smooth and sanded so they are smooth against your wrist. Check at WeWOOD
• The watch should be stylish. This is one of the advantages of buying wood watches – they can be designed to look trendy and stylish. Contrary to popular belief that wood watches can look generic, there are actually several ways to style them to look unique and fit your personal style.
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