Tuesday, July 7

Learn How to Diagnose Major Printer Problems

You can rely on your HP printer even in the most demanding environment.  However, like other mechanical devices, the printer may fail to produce the expected results, or fail to work when you really need it. This may tempt you to dispose of the printer. However, despite the printer having some problems, you still need it. It is important to have knowledge on how to can fix simple common problems that affect the performance of your printer. The following are some of the problems you can expect your printer to develop. Reliable service centers also give the following advice when it comes to Printer Repairs Sydney has to offer.

Printer Repairs Sydney

Paper Jams

Paper jam is one of the most common problems a printer can develop irrespective of its make. This problem can occur if the printer is dusty, or if you are using low-quality printing papers, or when the rollers that feed papers through the pathway of the printer are worn down. You can remedy this problem by simply cleaning your printer periodically, and buying the right printing papers. You may also need to replace the roller. Finding the right roller to replace the damaged one can be challenging depending on the model of your printer.  The services for Printer Repairs Sydney has today can help you access a roller that is compatible with the model of your printer.

The Printer Prints Faded Print Images

The printer prints faded print images when it does not have enough toner, or it has low print density, or you have turned on Economode printing. If you are having faded prints and the Economode is on, turn it off. Also, set a high print density. For low toner, remove the cartridge and shake it to ensure even distribution of the toner.  However, this is a temporal solution to the problem; you will eventually need to replace the cartridge.


This condition occurs when the printer prints proper images, but a faded copy of the same image prints elsewhere. Ghosting can occur if the power outlet that supplies energy to your printer has a problem.  Plug in a different printer to check if this problem still occurs. Alternatively, ghosting occurs when fragile parts of the printer such as the imaging kit or drum are near their life end.  If this is the case, you will require visiting printer repairs HP service Centre to have these parts replaced.

Printer Displays 50.4 Error Messages

This kind of a message is an indication that the power supply has a problem.  If you have connected your printer to an uninterruptable power supply, disconnect it and plug it to the power supply directly. The best Printer Repairs Sydney clients recommend is that you should never plug the printer to UPS, as the surges of power a printer requires to maintain its fuser assembly warm, can damage the UPS.

The above are only some of the problems your printer may develop. If you work in an environment with large paper-intensive, your printer may develop other major problems. You need to understand the cause of a problem before troubleshooting. If you are not sure of the problem, consider hiring professional service provider.  In addition, you need to ensure your printer have a regular HP servicing Sydney has to offer so your machine stays on top shape.