Tuesday, July 7

Mercedes Benz are Cars that can Last a Long Time.

The Mercedes Benz can trace its origins all the way back to the first automobiles and to Karl Benz in 1886 and his “Benz Patent Motorwagen”. Possibly, one of the first petrol driven motor vehicles. Gottlieb Daimler used a petrol engine later that year on a converted stage coach. The two companies Daimler and Benz created, came together in 1926 to form Mercedes Benz. Now part of Daimler AG, Mercedes Benz has had a long history of innovation. This includes introducing the first diesel passenger car in 1936 and anti lock brakes (ABS) were first supplied in 1979/1980. This car is associated with luxury brands but it has kept it repudiation for engineering and design innovation. Meanwhile, it is possible to find a Mercedes Service in Brisbane that has the means to keep the quality of this type of vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Services

A dedicated Mercedes Service in Brisbane is experienced in dealing with a number of European and in particular German models. These include VW Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Seat (a Spanish VW effectively), Skoda (a Czech VW) and Mercedes Benz.

This will include a full log book service. There can be a specific lubricant service which means changing all the oil and lubricants. This is also the case in a full service. A brake, power steering, and clutch fluid flush can also be provided along with a coolant and engine flush. Any mechanical repairs can be attended to which includes adjusting the timing belt. Tyre’s will be checked and replaced if necessary.

“After market parts” and modifications may be a possibility. But a Mercedes Benz is a sophisticated piece of engineering, so it is better to be cautious in making any rash decisions and rely on the opinions of the qualified technicians from a Mercedes Service in Brisbane, who can give professional advice. Getting an extra “edge” on the performance on say, an older model may not seem to be a wise decision later on. This applies even more to anyone contemplating using parts that are not specifically supplied by Mercedes Benz. This might be a temptation in order to save on money. However, this could cause a really expensive headache down the line, if this results in a major mechanical problem. It might be a lot more expensive trying to sort this out.

Over the years, there has been a series of “iconic” Mercedes Benz. These include the Mercedes Benz 1960 220B, the classic “ambassadorial “ car of the 1960s. This could be a Pagoda Mercedes Benz Roadster 280L 1967. Maybe the “gull-wing” Mercedes Benz 300 SL with lifting “gull wing doors” and direct fuel injection in 1954.

These vehicles will need specialized care and expertise. This will apply both to any engine refurbishment, to possible power steering, brakes, transmission, clutch and the engine. There may also be attention necessary on the body work, and any paint respraying. Again tracking down the correct replacement parts would be essential.

There are a number of prestige status European cars such as the Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce but a Mercedes Benz is both a quality vehicle and a very practical one. With proper care and attention, it could remain on the road for many years to come.