Tuesday, July 7

Mitsubishi Cars – Always Out of the Box!

This year has shown slow growth of small SUVs sales. However, the sales of Mitsubishi ASX cars are up by 47 percent. To increase the sales, the company introduced some facelifts in the new Mitsubishi ASX at the 2016 motor show held in Geneva. This new product has been a benchmark in the automobile industry.

New Mitsubishi ASX

All about Mitsubishi ASX

The new Mitsubishi ASX has brand-new front-end styling and changes to the trim levels. The old model has an angular nose which was just like the Mitsubishi Lancer, which is the dynamic shield design treatment. Its body-coloured tabs extend inwards from the headlights to imitate shock protection and to border a broader, blacked-out grille dealing. The new Mitsubishi ASX now has the same features and look as that of the new Mitsubishi Outlander models.

Mitsubishi Outlander has been given a name of most possible safety achievement with the availability of forward collision mitigation.

Mitsubishi Mirage Model

Mitsubishi mirage has a revised nose with better interior plastics quality and tweaked to the chassis. It’s all new front end and fresh lights, grille and bumpers uplift the model style wise. This model has a new power-bulged bonnet with the bumper tweaked more at the rear. It has new LED tail-lights with an elongated roof spoiler. The surface also shows changes such as revised suspension settings, which include a stiffer front end and tweaked spring and damper degrees with a reduction of body roll and improved steadiness. The electric power steering system is retuned. The interior has a new steering wheel along with instrument cluster and HVAC system. It also has smarter fittings and upholstery. It is one of the most fuel-efficient gas powered models.

Besides, the dash-mounted multimedia screen has sat-nav, smartphone-linking technology that includes Apple CarPlay as well as DAB radio with 6.5” touchscreen display. The boot-well is redesigned to integrate a more substantial under-floor storage area.

Smarter and Harder Triton

The new Mitsubishi Triton has more torque. Best features of this model are excellent fuel frugality and exceptional manoeuvrability. It is more spacious, peaceful as well as comfortable cabin. This is a tough one with reliable 4WD performance pick-up.

Mitsubishi Triton double cab has premium finishes with leather seat facings. It combines the interior comforts of a passenger car with the power and is long lasting. It is more spacious with increased rear seat leg room. The angle of the seats at the back is reclined that provides excess of leg, shoulder as well as head room in the front and back. It gives carrier space for five adults.

The exterior has a distinctive design created to increase aerodynamics. This contributes to greater vehicle stability even at high speeds with low fuel consumption. The models act as the ultimate sports utility trucks and have a chrome grille with standard sports bar as well as LED daytime running lamps. The models also provide sufficient load capacity with a length of 1520mm and height of 475mm. The extra strengthening in the structure of the capacious cargo bed makes it ever lasting.

Year after year, Mitsubishi being a renowned car company has launched remarkable cars understanding the needs of the people. It promises to serve better.