Tuesday, July 7

Periodical Maintenance and Servicing are the Rudimentary Requirements for Every Car

What started as a manufacturer of bicycle parts has now become one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles. That is Kia motor which is now a part of Hyundai – Kia group. Now, Kia has its roots in more than 155 countries with its annual sales exceeding 1.4 million. In fact, Kia has established manufacturing units in several European countries and it is also planning to set up units in some of the Asian countries too. Apart from the manufacturing unit, you also find exclusive Kia Rio service stations and sales centers in various European countries, including Australia.

Fourth generation car:

Recently Kia has introduced another model of fourth generation Kia Cerato car. Of course, this model is being produced in the Hwasung plant of South Korea. However, Kia has also introduced this car in Australia after making appropriate modifications to suit the Australian road conditions. Kia has introduced several models of the car like, for example, Cerato S Auto MY12, MY 17, S Manual, S Premium Auto and so on, along with Kia Cerato specials.

Features of Kia cars:

Like Cerato, Kia has introduced several other models of cars and some of the popular models are Rio, Cadenza Sedan, Optima, Forte and Soul and Sportage. Every model of Kia car is known for its superior performance, passenger comfort and safety. Further, these cars are designed giving utmost importance to quality. Check out at Toowong Kia

Need for periodical servicing:

In spite of producing cars with a greater emphasis on quality, you should also ensure proper maintenance and servicing of the car. Keep your car in perfect working condition by taking it to an authorized service center at periodical intervals. Regular maintenance with an authorized Kia Rio service station will ensure reliable and optimum performance of the car and also ensure work environment safety.

Maintenance schedule:

If your car is in the warranty period, then you should make sure that you take the car to the authorized Kia Rio service center according to the schedule indicated by the manufacturer. After expiry of the warranty, you should take your car to an authorized service center once in every six months for interim servicing and once in a year for full servicing.

Aspects of servicing:

Servicing is not just washing the car so as to make it glitter. At the same time washing the car is only a part of the servicing spectrum. The technician will check the condition of the engine, brake lining, health of air, fuel and cabin filters. In addition to this, the technician will also check the condition of the engine oil, brake fluid, spark plug to name a few of the important aspects of the maintenance of the car. Wherever necessary the technician will replace the worn out parts.

Advantages of maintenance:

With proper maintenance, your car will be able to give higher mileage, ensure safety and you will also be maintaining the value of the car. Further, with proper maintenance, you also enhance the life of the car.


When you go on Kia demos Brisbane dealers offer, you can ask the technician about the steps to be taken for the maintenance of the car. The technician will guide you and also give you several useful tips. In fact, the technician of any reputed service center like http://www.toowongkia.com.au will also highlight about DIY in regard to the maintenance of the car. Naturally, this will enable you to reduce your dependence on the technician for routine maintenance of the car.