Tuesday, July 7

Three Reasons to Embark on a Sightseeing Tour in Adelaide

When traveling to Australia, you probably think of checking out Sydney and its famous harbour, or the Gold Coast to unwind and relax while still being within close proximity to the city. Sure, these locations have plenty to offer but they are not the only ones worth checking out Down Under. Adelaide is dubbed as the ‘City of Churches’ that has always lived in the shadows of Australia’s most famous cities, mostly the eastern-seaboard ones. But Adelaide is slowly emerging on top, showcasing the beauty that is waiting to be discovered when you embark on sightseeing Adelaide tours.

Sightseeing Adelaide Tours
Sightseeing Adelaide Tours

If you are ready to embark on your trip to Adelaide, you can do so conveniently because there are several day or night tours Adelaide companies can offer. But what exactly is there to see in this quiet, seemingly undiscovered gem of a city?

1.    The new year brings major urban makeover to the city of Adelaide. That means that this will provide more opportunities for those who want to have sightseeing Adelaide tours as well as other related activities. First on the list is the prospected completion of the Adelaide Oval’s refurbishment. This project is believed to be worth multi-million dollars and will serve as the central location for the parklands in the city, which consequently provides an urban jungle feel to it as well. The surrounding scenes at the Oval include a vibrant food scene (that is somewhat Asian inspired), part bench seating (for those looking for to relax in the middle of the day), and a lush garden.

2.    Adelaide is also dubbed as the wine country of Australia, which means traveling here should include a date at the wine tours Adelaide Hills may offer. Getting to Adelaide Hills from the heart of the city only takes about 20 minutes, so it is very convenient. But it is well worth every minute of the drive because the Hills are made up of dairy farms, market gardens, orchards, and of course, vineyards. There are tasting rooms available for tourists to sample the delicious wines on-site.

3.    The breathtaking beaches are probably the best kept secret of Adelaide. Most visitors, foreign or local, tend to flock to the Gold Coast. But the Grange and Henley beaches in Adelaide are just as exquisite and more family-friendly, too. A minibus hire Adelaide has available can take you to these stunning locations where you can play around in the sand, take a swim, or simply spend idle time on the beach with a picnic lunch. But for the most breathtaking view, be sure to stay until sunset and watch it from the shore. It is the best way to cap off a day of touring this magnificent city!

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