Tuesday, July 7

Why India Must be on Your Volunteering Itinerary

As a land of great contrasts and contradictions, India will surely stimulate all your five senses. You haven’t really volunteered if you haven’t been to India. All major world religions are represented in this country and four of the major world religions originated from India. India also has numerous cultural feasts, all of which are organised in great detail and with lots of pomp and pageantry that is characteristic of India. Of course, there is always the ubiquitous and entrancing sound of the sitar and Indian flutes. It is a colorful country and any volunteer India has today could look forward to an experience that is bound to be exhilarating and overwhelming. Additionally, a skilled volunteer India has today can experience massive mobilisation. Generally, padayatras, organisation work, and cultural programs require volunteers. Without a doubt, a volunteer India prefers today will have access to different opportunities to make a remarkable effect on the lives of the underprivileged people.

volunteer India

Advantages of volunteering abroad

Volunteering abroad offers an opportunity to work and live in an immensely complex and culturally-rich nation. First, India is an ancient civilisation and it has seen the rise and fall of various empires. Secondly, this is a country of the Rajputs, maharajas and the Great Moghuls. All India’s past rulers and emperors have left a rich legacy and splendor that you can still experience to date. Taj Mahal is probably the most popular of the Indian attractions, but there are many more including the Maharaja palaces in Rajasthan, Varanasi, Colonial legacy and heritage in Calcutta and many more. All of the past empires that have ruled, plundered and shaped this country have left behind a rich tapestry. They form part of the intrigue of India. From this perspective,volunteering abroad is an encounter that is life-changing.

India as a place to volunteer abroad

India has a population of one billion people where significant sections of the population are still awfully poor. As a result, India faces lots of social challenges. Its challenges are as diverse as the country itself and if you are someone who wants to make a little difference to the fabric of India, there is never a shortage of opportunities where you can immerse yourself. Volunteers in India can choose from a myriad of issues in which they can take part of in helping. These include the teaching, healthcare challenges, gender issues, community development, orphanages, and much more. No doubt some of the volunteering abroad programs in India are more challenging than others. You can get a good measure by signing up with the volunteer abroad programs that offer you suitable challenges along with the right level of support for the duration of the program.


When it comes to the accommodation in India, you have to be a little bit flexible. For example, you cannot expect a five-star accommodation in the remote areas of India which have so much poverty and lack amenities and resources. India meanwhile has incredible tourist-oriented infrastructures that you can try if you are visiting as a tourist. These might not necessarily be available in the places in which you plan to volunteer. In most cases,volunteering abroad programs provide accommodation that is organised in advance and you can settle in quickly and begin your volunteering stint in the country. For more details visit Involvement Volunteers International