Your Waiheke Island stay is going to be the most memorable

The recently released initial design for new marina at Kennedy Point in Waiheke Island has unveiled the latest proposal and advancement for building the world’s first Marina with floating parking and services. Already a visitor’s heaven, Waiheke Island is a popular tourist destination, which now seems to turn into a greater attraction for tourists from all over the world. With no hassle of regular maintenance or dredging to create Marina basin, this new project is going to be a high tech one. Survey reveals that almost one out of the three Aucklanders owning private form of boating vessels will help this new Marina to turn into a tourist hub. Besides that, according to Tony Mair, a renowned Marina developer from New Zealand remarked openly that the completion of this marina project will bring a super flow of job and business for providers of holiday accommodation in Waiheke Island.

Types of accommodation in Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is a visitor’s dream place with lovely beaches, serene beauty, and scenic splendor of nature. It has been a visitor’s choice for a long time. With time, a number of business opportunities have emerged in this island to meet tourist requirements, and the prime one among them is holiday accommodation in Waiheke Island. One can opt for any type of lodging according to budget and need. Some of the popular types of accommodations need to be discussed for tourist information.


You can book a fully furnished home such as one or two or three bedroom apartments as a whole as your holiday accommodation in Waiheke Island. In these apartments, you can easily accommodate your entire family. These are mainly suitable for long vacations. You can cook, have fun and stay like home.


These are small wooden cottages or cabins to provide you the warm feeling of a beach side cabin stay. Featured with spa baths, a chalet is lovely for honeymoon couples, weekend trips, etc. as it provides the perfect essence of romance.


If you are among those nature lovers who enjoy the quintessence of nature’s serenity, loneliness, sounds of birds, cottages are the best choice of holiday accommodation in Waiheke Island. Enjoy the isolated feel, charm of personal beach view from numerous cottages on the Island available at various rates.


If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and seek a refuge in the lap of nature, nothing but glamping is the right choice for you. These camps that are feature packed are designed for city dwellers specially and are a loved choice for a holiday accommodation in Waiheke Island.

Retreats and Villas

These offer a luxurious stay that makes your vacation a larger than life event with high-end luxury treatment. You can easily book them if your budget is on the higher side, and you prefer more feature-packed dwelling than nature stay.

Basically, on Waiheke Island, you can get any type of accommodation facility you want. According to your budget for the trip and preference, you can opt for any accordingly. However, the ultimate thing that you get here is fun and warmth of nature’s beauty.